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September 21, 2017



  • Property is classified based upon its highest and best use.
  • Properties receiving homeowner exemptions, condominiums, permitted bed and breakfasts and permitted transient vacation rentals are exceptions.
  • Properties which have been granted a homeowner exemption are classified as Homeowner.
  • Condominiums are classified upon consideration of their actual use (Apartment, Commercial, Hotel / Resort, Timeshare, Homeowner).
  • Properties which have been granted a bed and breakfast permit, a transient vacation rental permit, or a conditional permit to operate a transient vacation rental are classified as Commercialized Residential.

In accordance with Sections 3.48.565 through 3.48.575 of the Maui County Code, the real property tax rates per one thousand dollars of net taxable assessed valuation for each class of real property is set as follows:

RESIDENTIAL RATE is $5.54 . Increase of 14 cents

HOMEOWNER RATE is $2.86. Increase of 16 cents

APARTMENT RATE is $6.32. Increase of 32 cents

COMMERCIAL RATE is $7.28. Increase of 68 cents

INDUSTRIAL RATE is $7.49. Increase of 80 cents

AGRICULTURAL RATE is $6.01. Increase of 25 cents

CONSERVATION RATE is $6.37. Increase of 57 cents

HOTEL/RESORT RATE is $9.37. Increase of 66 cents

TIMESHARE RATE is $15.43. Increase of $1.12

COMMERCIALIZED RESIDENTIAL is $4.56. Increase of 21 cents

Property taxes are paid bi-annually in Maui County. The first billing is in August with the second billing in February. Property owners are notified of changes in assessed values in March with the rates themselves deliberated and updated sometime between April and June during the year. Here is the County website with more information.

Property taxes can be appealed. I’ve been through the appeals process. If you’d like my insight, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sara Romvari RS,
Coldwell Banker Island Properties
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